During summer 1995 in the mountains of Switzerland Katherine reconnected to her childhood dream of becoming a jewellery designer. In four years she developed her expertise in goldsmithing and creation techniques (Technicum Noord-Antwerpen), gemmology (High Diamond Council Antwerp) and management of jewellery stores (Centre de Formation en Horlogerie Lausanne). Now, she is Head of Design and CEO of Berquin Jewels.



"I love to work directly with my clients. Personal stories are the source of my creative process. Next to that my main focus is on developing this company. The shop is a huge project that already has created a lot of possibilities. These days, I really feel Berquin Jewels is in the position to bring appreciation for individual beauty to a wider audience. We want people to feel encouraged to be who they are. In the end that is what we value with our designs." - Katherine Berquin